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Must-see for beginners in surfing! The secret behind the popularity of softboards overseas

Speaking of soft boards, I think it's an image of a sponge board used by surfing school students and surfing beginners. 

The image of the soft board so far is similar in design, there is no feature in the shape, and the merit of having a soft board is that it is easy to handle, so it is suitable for beginners. 

However, over the last few years, softboards have continued to grow in popularity overseas, with new brands and designs being sold one after another. 

Then,Introducing that softboard is a new style of surfing that "prioritizes more fun".


table of contents

1. Why are softboards so popular overseas? 

2. Why is softboard good for beginners? 

 2.1. The hurdle to start surfing is high
 2.2. You can practice a lot safely
 2.3. Catch the waves in any condition

3. Evolution to a soft board that even experienced people can enjoy 



1. Why are softboards so popular overseas? 

Overseas, due to its durability and ease of use, softboards have become a convenient and casual presence rooted in everyday life along the beach.

The background to Softboard's establishment of its position is related to the difference in how it is involved in the sport of surfing overseas and in Japan.

Everyone overseas feels free to carry a surfboard and always bring some surfing equipment with them when they go to the beach.

In other words, when you go out to the beach with your family, you should take one surfboard with you, just as you would take a float with you so that you can play with your family. 

Another big difference in the environment of surfing between overseas and Japan is that the destination is completely different depending on the point where you can surf and the place where you enjoy swimming in the sea.

There is a sea bathing area where lifeguards are waiting right next to enjoying surfing, and in front of someone in the family enjoying a little fan wave, you can feel free to enjoy the sea bathing, which is an extension of a relaxed and casual family playset. You can usually see people enjoying surfing. 

Wherever you go

A family with a surfboard and umbrella,

The appearance of going out to the beach casually on a bicycle alone without worrying about the condition of the waves

Even if it's not in the best condition, you can surf on your way home from work and get home comfortably.

Softboards are now playing an active role in such everyday life. 

Australia beach


2. Why is softboard good for beginners? 

2.1. The hurdle to start surfing is high

Before I tell you what Softboard is good for beginners, let's talk about the hurdles of surfing for beginners.

The big difference between surfing and other sports is that the natural environment of the sea is necessary and the conditions are always different. 

Although it is an individual sport and the design of the equipment is not unified, it is a hobby to start as an individual, but the people and environment around you are greatly involved, and you will think that it is a sport that you can start just by thinking about it.  

In terms of cost, surfboards are fragile and even more hesitant to find that repairs are more expensive, even though the initial cost is relatively high. 

Even more so, it shouldn't be a big deal if you hit someone else's surfboard, and you're afraid of an accident where the surfboard hits you directly.It just drowns out the pure excitement of just wanting to get into the ocean and ride that wave first, and the fundamental positive feelings that are so important in sports that you want to practice hard and get better. Don't you think it's very wasteful? 

The soft board eases the height of such hurdles.

2.2. Excellent surfboard that you can practice a lot safely 

As the soft board is called a sponge board, it prevents you from chasing a serious injury in an accident that touches the board.

If you don't have the skills to judge the waves with other surfers, you'll often even paddle to avoid contact.

When you feel at ease, feel good, want to try a lot, or practice in any condition, the softboard will give you a big push to start your surfing. 

2.3. You can catch fan waves in any wave condition

When you see surfing for the first time, do you feel excited at the moment you take off and stand up and want to practice the fun even more? 

Longboards can catch a lot of waves, but you have to be careful about where there are few people, and compact shortboards have to be careful about the technology and wave conditions that can be taken off with its small buoyancy. ..

On the other hand, the soft board has a feature that it is easy to catch the wave and take off in any condition due to its high buoyancy.

The appeal of softboards is that you can improve your surfing skills by practicing a lot without worrying about the condition. 

Soft top surf board


3. Evolution to a soft board that experienced people can enjoy

As I mentioned at the beginning,There is still an image that the reason for having a soft board is because it is a beginnerI think there is.Certainly, softboards are definitely recommended for surfing school students and beginner surfers who really want to practice more and more on their own. 

The image and ride quality of the conventional soft board is a little heavy, but the buoyancy is moderate, the material really looks like a sponge, and the adhesive surface of the top and bottom becomes rough and resistant. For those who are surfing in earnest, the fins are weak and they do not drive at all when riding a wave with an actual size, so it would have been a surfboard that I was not satisfied with even if I had it. 

However, the technology in the structure of the board has changed significantly in the last few years. 

The soft board made with more upgraded new technology has almost the same structure as the ordinary surfboard made of glass, and only the surface is a soft material like a sponge unique to soft board. The top is a smooth material, and the bottom is a smooth material, and the treatment of the two adhesive surfaces is also very firm, making it possible to prevent water resistance. 

Furthermore, the conventional fin structure, which was a simple fin structure in which only two bolts were passed through the board, is now a fin box structure in which FCS fins can be installed. You can choose your favorite fins and surf. 

Beach Access is also made by sticking to the structure of the soft board. Technology isHere


Softboards are becoming more and more popular as a second board among overseas surfers because many of the purchasers of softboards so far are beginners.

With a buoyant and voluminous design that makes it easy to catch the waves, not only can you enjoy it more and more as if you were returning to the beginning regardless of the condition, but also a surfboard with a sharp carving like a conventional surfboard made of glass. You can enjoy a comfortable ride with controlled rides, and you can challenge even bigger waves. Also, as a finless surfboard, it is used by longboard surfers as well, and is active in various styles. Softboards are now fascinated by the fun of children and adults alike. 

Those who want a surfboard that the whole family can enjoy For surfers who want to enjoy a new style with a feeling that they have never had before, and for many people who want to enjoy surfing more's recommended



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