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How to choose by size of soft board

Softboards have grown in popularity over the last few years. With increasing demand, products with various specifications and designs are on sale.Why softboards are so popularor,Advantages and disadvantages of softboardI will explain in detail in another BLOG article, but here I will introduce how to choose based on the length.

* Ft is a unit called feet, and is generally used to express the length of a surfboard.  


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Shorter than 1.6 ft

2.6 ft or more and 7 ft or less mid-lang

3.7 ft to 8 ft mid length

4. Longer than 8 ft and less than 9 ft 

5. All fins are included!



1.6 ft or less short softboard 

In terms of design, it is easier to catch waves than a hard short board, and various designs that you can enjoy turning are on sale.

From wide tails that specialize in catching waves to fish tails that add volume to a voluminous board for ease of turning. There is a wide selection of fin setups depending on the surfing style you want to enjoy, such as twin, try, quad, and wave conditions. 

You can enjoy surfing more and more without fear of damage or injury, such as making a barrel in shallow water or making big waves with plenty of room. Even if you already have a long experience in surfing, you will surely be fascinated by the fun. 

However, even if the surfboard has volume, it is not long, so the difficulty of takeoff may not be suitable for beginners. If you are a beginnerPracticing on a stable length surfboard is the fastest way to improve. We recommend a surfboard with a length of 7 ft or more. 

again,Softboards below 6 ftFor childrenBy making it finless, it is just the right size to play like a body board Even if it is difficult to take off, you can easily feel the joy of riding the waves.


2.6 ft to 7 ft mid-length softboard 

More buoyancy than 6 ft or less.

With a length and volume of about 7 ft, I think the ride quality will be similar to that of a longboard. If you're looking for something a little closer to the ease of movement of a shortboard, around 6.5 ft may be a good choice.It's much easier to take off than a shortboard or regular mid-length, and you'll enjoy a cruise maneuver.

Also, even beginners will be able to challenge waves with some size. 

It may be just right for the size of the surfboard practiced by children who have become able to surf a little. 


3.7 ft to 8 ft mid-length softboard 

Above 7 ft, as mentioned in the previous chapter, buoyancy increases considerably.

Despite being shorter than the 9ft of a hard longboard, you can easily take off with the same feeling and enjoy stable riding. It weighs more than 9 ft and is easier to handle.

Although it can be easily stored in a car or carried by bicycle, it is a very easy-to-use size that can catch waves as much as a longboard.

If you're probably a beginner and aren't confident in paddling yet, want more take-off practice, or have trouble choosing a size, the softboard 7.5 to 8 ft is for you.

Single fin setup is possible from this side length.

Overseas, the appearance of surfers with excellent longboard technology deciding on a hang five with a casual 8 ft soft board is also a masterpiece, and the easy enjoyment conveys the true fun of surfing. 


4.8 Longer softboards above 8 ft and below 9 ft 

When it comes to a soft board of this length, the ride quality is almost the same as a long board.

However, it is not as heavy as a soft board with buoyancy, unlike a board made of glass. The thickness of the surfboard also comes out, so when you want to move it by putting a rail next to it, it will repel the waves and it will be easier to pull out.The more you want to make a wave with great power, the more you need a sense of balance and control. 

In this regard, the Beach Access softboard is double coated with glass for a more longboard-like ride that slides on the slopes of the waves under the weight of the board. For more informationHerePlease refer to the.

However, in general, softboards over 8 ft are

I want a surfboard that I can play more and more in small waves,

I want to teach my kids surfing,

I want a size that anyone in my family can enjoy

My height and weight are above average,

I still want to enjoy surfing more according to my age and physical condition,

Such,Without feeling various handicapsWe recommend that you choose it so that you can enjoy surfing easily. 

Overseas, there are many surfers who are over 70 years old and enjoy surfing. With more options for softboards that are easier and easier to ride than longboards in the past, it's even easier to enjoy surfing as you get older. Softboards are also active in such applications.


5. All fins are included! 

Finally, I would like to touch on fins. I think it is the fin selection that gets lost when purchasing a surfboard. Normally, when you buy a hardboard, the fins don't come with it.

However, the soft board that was originally born as a board for beginners is still mainly equipped with fins even now that the specifications and design have evolved. 

A set of fins is included to match the design and volume of each softboard.

First of all, I am very happy for beginner surfers who want to start surfing anyway. It comes with a great benefit that you don't have to worry about choosing fins and it doesn't cost anything. 

Of course, if you have a soft board equipped with a general fin box instead of a bolt type, you can set up your own fins that suit your surfing. Even though it's easier to enjoy than traditional surfing, you'll be fascinated by the fun that's completely different from traditional softboards with your favorite set of fins.

For those who want to know more about how to enjoy surfing that changes depending on the fin selectionHere


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