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フィン選びで変わるサーフィンの楽しみ方(ロングボード ミッドレングス編)

How to enjoy surfing by choosing fins (longboard mid-length edition)

Even with the same surfboard, the ride quality changes depending on the shape and size of the fins and the number of fins to be set.

Just change the fins on the surfboard you have now and you'll know the new fun of surfing and you'll love surfing even more.

From choosing fins for longboards that enjoy a cruise style to fins that match a mid-length board that enjoys sprayed carving, we will introduce you to things that make surfing even more fun.


table of contents

1. How does it change depending on the number of fins?

 1.1. Single fin set 
 1.2. Trifin set

2. Select the size of the center fin

3. Types of center fins

 3.1. Pivot End(Pivot fin)
 3.2. Flex Fin (Flex fin)
 3.3. All Round Fin(All-round fin)
 3.4. D End (D fin)
 3.5. Hatchet End (Hatch fin)

4. Tail shape and fin compatibility

 4.1. Swallow, Fish, Moon
 4.2.Kasshu, Round, round pin
 4.3. Square

5. In fact, choosing a very versatile mid-length fin


1. How does it change depending on the number of fins?

1.1. Single fin setSince there is only one center fin, it has excellent straightness because it has less resistance to the water surface. Therefore, due to its easy acceleration, you can enjoy a cruise ride even with small waves or thick and hard-to-break waves.

Also a classic surf styleA single fin that suits your surfboard is indispensable for its relaxed ride quality and unique surf style that you can ride with skillful rail work and walking.

1.2. Trifin setIs a three-fin setup with a center fin and two smaller stabilizer fins on each side. Therefore, it has more resistance to the water surface than a single fin, and it has an adsorption force that runs up the water surface, which is not found in a single fin that excels in going straight. Therefore, it is possible to perform dynamic techniques such as shortboard performance on longboards and mid-length boards.


2. CenterFin size selection

LongboardCenterFin size selection is generally surfboard 1ftSelect the fin by calculating with a height of 1 inch. 9ftThen 9 inch center fin, 10ftIf so, a 10-inch center fin is suitable. This also applies to mid-length surfboards. If it is long, it is easy to nose ride, and if it is short, it is easy to move, so it is excellent for turning.

Also, if the fin shape is thin, you can enjoy the stability of the nose ride and the driveable turn by choosing the one with the added length. If you want to enjoy more classical surfing, we recommend a more stable setup with a heavier board by adding more length even with thick fins.


3. Types of center fins

Here, I will briefly introduce the difference in the shape of the center fin.

3.1. Pivot End(Pivot fin)

pivot fin ピボットフィン

If you want to enjoy a nose ride or a classical and elegant crossstep, pivot fins will be a must-buy item.

Wide landing surfacestomachThe design creates a slow flow and makes the crossstep to the nose a slower ride.

Not only the controllability of the nose ride, but also the maneuverable rideandYou can enjoy it.

3.2. Flex Fin (Flex fin)

flex fin フレックスフィン

Flex fins are indispensable if you want to convey the reaction of delicate movements to the water and enjoy a gorgeous dance with more movements. If the pivot fins create a mellow surf style, the flex fins will give you a lively ride.

Maneuver movements such as turns, carvings and cutbacks add a sense of dynamism to the elegant movements of the longboard.

3.3. All Round Fin(All-round fin)

all round fin オールラウンドフィン

If you're wondering which center fin to use first, you may want to have one all-round fin first. It is an excellent one that can cover various things such as what kind of wave condition you surf, which surfboard matches, what kind of surf style you want to surf, and so on.

As the name implies, it is a perfect all-rounder that specializes in nose riding, enjoys an excellent ride quality for trimming, and can also enjoy performances such as carving and powerful drive turns.

3.4. D End (D fin)

D fin Dフィン

literallyDofMoldDesigned like this, you'll find this fin on a precious old surfboard built into a classic surfboard called the Old Mar. A very heavy surfboard is controlled by specially sized fins with a very wide landing surface.

Therefore, a very large and heavy surfboardUnique found in classic styles such as drop kneesSkills to control with footwork are required. You can enjoy surfing in a place called a point break with long and gentle breaking waves.

3.5. Hatchet End (Hatch fin)

hatched fin ハッチフィン

Specializing in popular shaped pivot fins for a classic ride on longboards and traditional classical boardsDDesigned just like the fins.DIt is more responsive than fins, has a hold feeling than pivot fins, and you can enjoy a ride that is specialized for nose riding. It's a more mellow and classical ride than pivot fins, but it's not suitable for maneuvering movements.DLike Finn, it is suitable for surfing in places where you can enjoy a slow and long ride.


4. Tail shape and fin compatibility

Introducing the shape of the tail of the surfboard and the fin setting suitable for the desired riding comfort.

4.1. Swallow, Fish, MoonIs a surfboard that emphasizes high-performance surfing because it has a tail design that increases rotation and makes it easier to turn.

Therefore, in the fin setup, the try set is the mainstream, and the single fin set with only the center fin is used to change the ride quality.TimeIs a flex fin or all-rounder,ManeuverIt is recommended to choose the one that matches the surfboard of the designTo do.

Swallow tail スワローテールFish tail フィッシュテールMoon tail ムーンテール

4.2.Kasshu, Round, round pinIs an easy-to-turn and stable design, and is often used in all designs, from classic surfboards to maneuverable surfboards, depending on the width and weight of the surfboard and the design of the rocker. Therefore, it can be said that the ride quality may change significantly with just one fin design. It is a combination that allows you to enjoy an all-rounder set that can be enjoyed in a wide variety of colors, from single fin sets to try sets.vinegar

Squash tail スカッシュテールRound tail ラウンドテールRound pin tail ラウンドピンテール

4.3. SquareIs the only longboard that specializes in the classic logging board single fin set. The wider the tail, the more specialized for nose riding and the more classic ride quality, but more classic stepwork skills are required.increase.. EspeciallyMatching with fins gives you more control with flex fins and more classical surf with pivot finsMake it a style and enjoy the style that suits youYou can squeeze.

 Square tail スクエアテール

5. In fact, choosing a very versatile mid-length fin

Mid-length surfboards have a history that began in the surfboard revolution era in the late 60's.

From single fins that attract big turns while trimming, to twin fins, to tri-set surfboards that connect to current shortboards.

By moving it more than a longboard, you can make big waves, it is easier to ride than a shortboard, and it is an excellent thing that you can ride all-round in various wave conditions.

The center fin in the single fin set is basically 1 inch high for the surfboard 1ft,

Depending on the volume, weight and wave conditions of the board, we recommend changing the size of the center fins, attaching a stabilizer to make a try set, and trying various fin sets that suit you.

It is also recommended for beginners to practice straight soup in mid-length, or to smooth the paddle with only the center fin. When you're able to move sideways, you can practice a maneuver that's close to a shortboard on a tryset.

If you want to enjoy surfing on gently breaking waves or relaxing classical surfing, use single fins, and if you want to enjoy maneuver surfing with a more dynamic spray like a short board, try various surfing. You can enjoy.




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