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Japanese surf brand "Beach Access" releases new model of soft board in the summer of 2021

From Beach Access, a new model of the softboard for the summer of 2021 has arrived.

It will be on sale on July 20th.

A refreshing board series consisting of flower motifs and basic colors inspired by "natural colors".

We are developing designs suitable for surfers of various levels from the desire to "know the fun of surfing" and "to convey the fun of softboards to those who have experienced surfing".

◆ Product lineup

* The photos below are part of the collection.




8'isImagine an introductory board for beginners. It is designed so that even beginners who are just starting to surf can paddle stably and receive the power of the waves. First of all, it is a model that emphasizes the first step of taking off and riding the waves, so that more people can feel the exhilaration when riding the waves of surfing.

7’2”Like the 8', the model adopts a design that emphasizes ease of riding for beginners, while making it a size that is easy to handle even for small women and children. It can be widely enjoyed as a second board for experienced longboarders who challenge short boards, for shortboards in small waves, and as an introductory board for small surfers.

The 6’4 ”model isDesigned with more emphasis on enjoyment by experienced surfers, it enhances turn performance by reducing the width and thickness of the tail. It has enough buoyancy and can be used as an introductory board for small people, but for experienced surfers, it is a model that expands the range of surfing fun with both take-off speed and high turn performance. am.

Both models are wax-free, freeing you from the hassle of applying wax, while keeping your board clean and free of waxing your car or room.

◆ Features of Beach Access soft board

  • Although the surface is made of soft material, the inside has the same structure as a normal EPS hardboard, so unlike conventional softboards, it has a ride that is close to that of a hardboard.
  • All longboard sizes are delivered to your home.
  • The list price includes shipping to your home.

◆ About Beach Access

A surf brand from Japan that was founded in 2020, we are developing original products such as surf accessories centered on soft boards. It was born from the idea that "I want more people to easily experience the healing time of surfing." We aim to be an online-only D2C brand that is easy for beginners to understand and can be purchased online with peace of mind.

Company Profile

Company name: Beach Access GK

Representative: Representative employee Kako Hayashi

home page:

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