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Soft surfboard

Beach access board is recommended for these people

✔︎ Worried about surfboard damage or injury
✔︎ Often crazy in the waves
✔︎ I want to enjoy surfing even when the waves are small
✔︎ The light ride quality of the soft board is not enough
✔︎ I want to make a quick turn even with a soft board
✔︎ Sticking to quality and cost performance
✔︎ I want the board to be delivered to my home with free shipping 

The beach access soft board has a soft material on the surface but an EPS board inside, so unlike conventional soft boards, it has a ride that is close to that of a normal surfboard. Beginner surfers as well as advanced players can ride with a feeling closer to a normal surfboard.

Enjoy surfing on a softboard that can be enjoyed by a wide range of surfers, from beginners to experienced surfers.

Board technologyHere
Frequently asked questions on the boardHere

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