Due to the year-end and New Year holidays, delivery of surfboards will take longer than usual.

Services for businesses

table of contents

1. Service users

2. Buy Beach Access products

3. Order the original product



1. Persons who can use the service

Businesses, groups 

* Although it can be used by individual customers, there is only one delivery destination.



2. Buy Beach Access products

There is no wholesale price, but quantity discounts are available.

Quantity discount

We can sell from 3 boards and 10 small items other than boards. 

Please note that we do not offer discounts for individual items or sales below the minimum number of lots.

If you wish to purchase, please indicate so, the product, and the quantity.Inquiry formPlease contact us. We will give you a quote.

Delivery is possible only within Japan. The number of days until delivery isHerePlease confirm.



3. Order the original product

Ordering the original soft board

We can consult with you from 10 bottles.Inquiry formPlease contact us.


Ordering an original poncho

We can consult with you from 50 sheets.Inquiry formPlease contact us.

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