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Beach Access Softboard Technology

The EPS foam shaped by AKU Shaper, which has the world's highest level of technology, is double-coated with fiberglass to achieve the highest strength.

In addition, 4mm thick IXPE foam (or EVA foam) is placed on the deck surface and HDPE skin is placed on the bottom surface on the outside, and a soft surface is created by vacuum bag technology.

Although the surface is made of soft material, the contents are the same structure as a normal EPS hardboard, so unlike the conventional lightweight softboard, the moderate weight provides a sense of stability and realizes a ride close to that of a hardboard. In other words, it is a board that combines the good points of softboard and hardboard. Since you can ride like a normal hardboard, even experienced people can enjoy it.

Beach Access Surfソフトボードの構造

1. 2 stringers (1 for length 6'4 or less)
2. High density waterproof EPS foam
3. Epoxy resin coating
4-5. Further reinforcement with double 6 oz fiberglass and epoxy resin
6.4 4mm IXPE or EVA soft top
7. Epoxy resin coating
8.6 oz fiberglass
9. Epoxy resin coating
10. Glossy HDPE bottom

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