Due to the year-end and New Year holidays, delivery of surfboards will take longer than usual.

Overseas delivery

Delivery is now available to 118 countries/regions outside of Japan.

Beach Access is affiliated with Buyee, a Japanese agency purchasing service, and Buyee handles overseas shipping. Therefore, please note that customers who wish to ship overseas must make a payment on the Buyee website.

The purchase method is as follows.


table of contents

1. How to purchase the product
2. Q&A

1. How to purchase the product

Step 1 

From outside Japan to the Beach Access websiteWhen you access it, the following pop-up will appear, so select the language. When you move to another page, the popup will move to the bottom of the page.​​

* Please access with the IP address of your own country (other than Japan). Normally, if you are in a country other than Japan, an IP address other than Japan is set.



Step 2 


Please check the "User's Guide" in the pop-up. If there is no problem, proceed to Step 3 and start shopping.

International shipping



Step 3 



Select the size and color of the item you want to purchase, add it to the cart with the "Add to cart" button dedicated to overseas shipping, and press the cart icon button at the time of payment.

International Shipping



After that, it will move to Buyee.




Step 4 


When you move to the Buyee website, the following pop-up will be displayed. Press Proceede to order to proceed to the payment screen.

* When using Buyee for the first time, you need to create an account, so please follow the instructions.

International Shipping

We will take your order and deliver it from the Beach Access warehouse to Buyee's Japan warehouse. You will be notified by email when the item arrives at Buyee's warehouse.


Step 5


If you are notified of the arrival by email, please select the shipping method with Buyee's personal account and pay the overseas shipping cost. All you have to do is wait for it to arrive.


2. Q&A


Q: Can I see the site in languages other than Japanese?

A: English, Chinese and Korean are supported. Top left of the top page for mobile, PCPlease select a language from the top right of the top page.. We do not currently support other languages, so please apply Google Translate on your own device.

Q: I want to know the shipping cost before ordering.

A: You can check it on the Buyee help page. →Here

There is a shipping charge estimation tool at the bottom of the page, so please use the estimation tool for items with a side of 1.5 M or less (other than large items such as softboards).

Softboards that are handled as large items will be delivered using DHL. For more informationSee the Buyee help page. →Here

The packing size required to estimate the shipping cost with Buyee is described in the specification column of each product page.

There is no charge for domestic shipping from the Beach Access warehouse to Buyee.


Q: Please tell me the delivery lead time.

A: It depends on the shipping company you choose, soPlease check the Buyee help page. →Here


Q: I would like to know about the delivery status.


A: For overseas shipping, please contact Buyee.

Buyee inquiry form →Here

Buyee FAQ →Here


Q: In what language can I contact Buyee?


A: Japanese / English / Chinese / Thai / Indonesian / Korean / German / Spanish / RussianIt corresponds to.



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