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[Invitation only] Refer-a-friend program for influencers

* This program ended at the end of April 2022. Thank you for your cooperation so far.


Beach Access offers an invitation-only refer-a-friend program for some influencers.

For followers (friends) introduced by everyone, you can use it at the beach access official store for the first time.5% OFF couponTo all the introducers, as a reward for the establishment of the referral, followerslooksofCash back 10% of the initial usage amountTo do. 


【table of contents】

  1. Program overview
  2. Procedures for participating in the program and referrals to friends
  3. How to check your own coupon code
  4. Setting the method of receiving rewards (cash back)
  5. Precautions


1. Program overview

  • When you participate in the program, you will be issued a dedicated referral link (URL) unique to each referrer. Please let your friends know the link.
  • Friends who receive the coupon can access the official beach access website via the link and purchase using the coupon code to get 5% off all products.
    • If you access the store with cookies enabled from the referral link, the coupon code will be applied automatically at checkout.
    • If you do not access via the referral link, or if you access the store from another device again, the coupon code will not be applied automatically, so enter the coupon code displayed when you opened the referral link at checkout. I need to get it.
    • The coupon code for this program can only be used for the first purchase at the store.
  • When a friend makes a purchase with the coupon code applied, 10% of the friend's initial usage amount will be cashed back to the referrer as a reward for the establishment of the referral.
    Cashback is paid via PayPal, so you need a PayPal account.
  • The reward will be confirmed 30 days after your friend's purchase. If you return or cancel during that time, you will not be eligible for the reward.


2. Procedures for participating in the program and referrals to friends

  1. IntroducerPlease register to participate in the program (email registration) from the link below.

    [Registration page]
    You can customize the referral link by entering your Name (optional) in alphanumericals when registering.
    Example) Your Name is "BEACHIf you enter ", the introduction link will be" will be like "01". (Any number may be added at the end.)

  2. IntroducerWhen you complete the registration on the registration page, you will be taken to a dedicated referral link page. Please copy the referral link and share it with your friends.
    Please note that this introductory link page will be your own dedicated page in the program, so we recommend that you bookmark it.

    [Introduction link page]

    * The link on the above screen ( Will be replaced with your own string.

  3. Introduced friendsWhen you open the link, the screen below will be displayed and you will see a coupon code such as "FRIEND-XXXXX". (XXXXX is a code unique to each introducer and differs for each introducer.)

    [Friend landing page]

    * The "SAMPLE" part of the coupon code on the upper screen will be replaced with your own character string. (Please note that the character string is different from the character string of the introduction link.)
    * The XXXXX part of the above coupon code cannot be customized. note that.
    * When you open your own introduction link, the same sample coupon code "FRIEND-SAMPLE" as above will be displayed, and you will not be able to confirm your sample coupon code. If you want to check your own coupon code, please see "3. How to check your own coupon code" below.


    3. How to check your own coupon code

    This system usually does not allow you to see your own coupon code. Referral link( sharing with your friends is not effective and you want to share your coupon code directly, use one of the following methods to check your coupon code and encourage your friends to enter the coupon at checkout. Please.

    1. Put your browser in secret mode and open your referral link (
    2. Open your own introduction link ( on a terminal different from the registered terminal. 

    The coupon code cannot be customized. note that.


    4. Setting the method of receiving rewards (cash back)

    Cashback is done through PayPal. First of all, please prepare the email address registered in PayPal. PayPal registrationHere.. (Link to an external site.)

    Please access "Reward My Page" from the menu on the upper left of the introduction link page (upper menu on the PC browser) that is displayed after registering for the program.

    [Introduction link page]

    When accessing, you will be required to set a password, so please follow the procedure to register.

    If you access the page after registering your password, the following screen will be displayed. Please set the email address to receive the cash back registered in PayPal here.


    In addition, you can do the following on the reward My Page unique to the introducer. Perform steps 2 and 3 from "Settings" at the top of the page circled in red on the lower screen.

    1. Check the list of orders that the introduced friend has purchased and the payment status of the reward.
    2. You can register and change the email address of the cashback remittance destination via PayPal.
    3. You can edit your own referral link.
    [Reward My Page]



    5. Precautions

    • This campaign is strictly managed and operated using the system provided by Referral Candy.
    • Please make settings so that you can receive emails from [@].
    • Please be sure to enter a valid address as we will send you the latest information on rewards and programs by sending the email you provided.
    • We will send you an email after registering for the program. If you do not receive it, please double check your email address and settings.
    • Please note that the content of this campaign may change or end without notice.
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