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Frequently Asked Questions about Soft Surfboards

About the product

Q: Do you need wax?

A: Not required for models that do not require wax. Required for other models. If you want more grip even if you don't need wax, we recommend you to wax it lightly.

Q: Can I attach a wax sheet?

A: Wax sheets and deck pads can be attached, but in general, they are easier to peel off than hardboards, so we recommend that you choose one with strong adhesiveness.

Q: How many stringers do you have?

A: Length 6One for models under '4, othersTwo wooden stringers are built in.

Q: What is the difference between IXPE foam and EVA foam used on the deck surface?

A: As a premise, both are materials with excellent strength, durability and elasticity, but EVA is more durable. EVA is also non-toxicbiodegradable Because it is a materialIt is an environmentally friendly material that, with proper treatment, decomposes microorganisms into carbon dioxide and water... Therefore, the price of the board using EVA is a little higher.

* IXPE also uses non-toxic and harmless materials.

Q: Why is it heavier than traditional softboards?

A: Compared to conventional products, Beach Access softboards have a stronger structure, such as double fiberglass, which makes them heavier. It is also called a soft top surfboard, and as the name suggests, it has a structure like a sturdy hard board covered with a soft material. Therefore, unlike the fluffy ride quality peculiar to conventional softboards, the ride quality is closer to that of a hardboard than it has a profound feeling.

Q: Which one is recommended for beginners?

A: Basically, we recommend the 8'squash tail, which is voluminous and susceptible to the power of the waves. 7'2 is also recommended for those who are small and who value the convenience of carrying and storing.


About delivery and returns

Q: Can I specify the delivery date?

A: If you need to specify the delivery date, please contact us in advance. You cannot specify the time in advance. The delivery company will contact you the day before the scheduled delivery date, so please make adjustments directly.




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