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Softboard 5’6 ”36L Retrofish Wax Free
Softboard 5’6 ”36L Retrofish Wax Free
Softboard 5’6 ”36L Retrofish Wax Free
Softboard 5’6 ”36L Retrofish Wax Free
Softboard 5’6 ”36L Retrofish Wax Free
Softboard 5’6 ”36L Retrofish Wax Free
Softboard 5’6 ”36L Retrofish Wax Free
Softboard 5’6 ”36L Retrofish Wax Free
Softboard 5’6 ”36L Retrofish Wax Free
Softboard 5’6 ”36L Retrofish Wax Free
Load image into Gallery viewer, Softboard 5’6 ”36L Retrofish Wax Free
Load image into Gallery viewer, Softboard 5’6 ”36L Retrofish Wax Free
Load image into Gallery viewer, Softboard 5’6 ”36L Retrofish Wax Free
Load image into Gallery viewer, Softboard 5’6 ”36L Retrofish Wax Free
Load image into Gallery viewer, Softboard 5’6 ”36L Retrofish Wax Free
Load image into Gallery viewer, Softboard 5’6 ”36L Retrofish Wax Free
Load image into Gallery viewer, Softboard 5’6 ”36L Retrofish Wax Free
Load image into Gallery viewer, Softboard 5’6 ”36L Retrofish Wax Free
Load image into Gallery viewer, Softboard 5’6 ”36L Retrofish Wax Free
Load image into Gallery viewer, Softboard 5’6 ”36L Retrofish Wax Free

Softboard 5’6 ”36L Retrofish Wax Free

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Fun for experienced surfers5'6"/36LRetro fish type soft board.

In addition to the speed feeling peculiar to retro fish and the quick take-off unique to soft boards, the soft top surfboard with EPS board wrapped in soft foam material has high turn performance and you can enjoy light movements.

Ideal for surfers who like fish, as well as a second board for small waves with a short border, and a step-up board when a long border wants to challenge a short board!



A sense of speed unique to retro fish 

The soft board realizes the speed feeling unique to retro fish caused by the discreet rocker and the center of gravity placed on the nose side.

Ride quality because the contents are hardboard

Since the contents are EPS hardboard, the ride quality is close to that of hardboard, without the fluffy ride that softboards tend to have. It's also reasonably heavy and flexible, making it a fun softboard for experienced surfers.


Feel free, safe and fun

Because it is a soft board, it reduces the risk of cracks and injuries when hit hard. Feel free to enjoy surfing.


No need for wax

The surface of the board is a wax-free type that uses a non-slip material, so you can keep the board clean.
* If you use the product for a long time without wearing a wet suit, your skin may be damaged. We recommend wearing a wet suit.


  • Size: 5'6 "x 21 1/2" x 2 1/2 "
  • Volume: 36.0L
  • Tail shape: fish
  • Material: Wax-free uneven processing IXPE soft top / HDPE bottom
  • fin:Futures Fin Box-Plastic Twin Fins Included
  • Stringer:One van boost ringer
  • Packing size: 152 x 59 x 9 cm


How to attach the fins


Precautions for purchase, handling precautions, maintenance method

Precautions when purchasing a soft board

  • Due to the characteristics of the material, there may be small holes (air bubbles) or dents in the soft foam on the deck surface, and some different colors may be mixed in the HDPE sheet on the bottom. Please note.
  • In rare cases, a slight dent-like mark may be left during the packing, storage, and delivery process. Please note.
  • Design and specifications are subject to change without notice. note that.


Precautions for handling soft boards

  • Prolonged exposure to high temperatures and direct sunlight can cause bubbles and discoloration on the board. Store the board in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat. Do not leave it in the car for a long time.
  • A strong impact can damage the board, so handle it with care to avoid impact.
  • When attaching the board to a car roof rack, etc., do not overtighten the straps. Traces may remain. When installing in a car, use a board bag or cover as much as possible.
  • When riding the board, it is advisable to use a surf leash and stay away from sharp reefs and rocky coastlines. Do not use the board in dangerous conditions, quays or extremely shallow conditions.
  • Due to the nature of the material used for the softboard, there is some water absorption, but this is a normal phenomenon and not a defect. This water is usually drained after use.
  • Apply wax like any other surfboard. No base coat required. (Excluding wax-free type)


General care for softboards

  • After use, be sure to rinse the board with fresh water to remove dirt, sand and salt, wipe it off with a clean cloth or towel, avoid direct sunlight, and store it in a cool, dry place. Do not use solvents or cleaners on the board.
  • Rinse the board with fresh water, wipe it clean and dry before storing it in a board bag or board socks.
  • A waterproof cover that covers only the thin top is convenient when you drive by attaching it to the roof rack of a car before the water is completely discharged. It prevents water from dripping from the board and is easy to dry. When you get home, remove the cover and drain the water.

    Domestic delivery

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    Beach Access offers free shipping on all products within Japan. We also deliver surfboards (longboards) to your home. Please see below for delivery lead time of each item.



    Soft boards and surfboards (large size delivery)

    Due to the special large size of the delivery, it will take longer time than normal courier service. Thank you for your understanding in advance. 

    We will ship your order within 3 business days (excluding weekends and holidays) via special large delivery. After shipment, delivery to your home will take the following lead time depending on the region.

    Kanto area, Aichi prefecture, Gifu prefecture, Osaka prefecture, Hyogo prefecture, Nara prefecture: Around 4 days
    Kyushu area: about 5 days
    Hokkaido and Okinawa: 12-13 days
    Areas other than the above: About 9 days
    If you need to specify the delivery date, please contact us in advance.

    You cannot specify the time of delivery. You will be contacted by the shipping company one day before the scheduled delivery date, so please coordinate directly with them.





    Other Products

    Orders placed before 2:00 p.m. will be shipped the same day. Orders placed after 2:00 p.m. will be shipped the next day (also available on weekends and holidays). Delivery time from shipment to delivery is usually 1-2 days, except for remote islands and mountainous areas.


    Our Commitment

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    Designed in Japan

    All product planning is done in Japan, and we provide products of Japanese standard quality.

    Direct to Consumer

    We achieve high cost performance by eliminating intermediate margins in the distribution process and selling directly to customers, mainly online.

    Beginner Friendly

    We design items to suit a wide range of surfers' levels and provide a safe environment for online purchases.

    See About Us

    Return 1% of sales to the earth

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                                  1% for the planet

    Since December 2021, Beach Access has donated 1% of its sales to environmental groups through "1% for the Planet" with the aim of contributing to conservation activities for the sea and nature, which are the main places of activity. ..

    The reason Beach Access became a member of 1% for the Planet is that global grassroots activities have a meaningful impact on the planet by connecting with like-minded companies and individuals who share a passion for protecting the beautiful planet. We believe that given, and ultimately, we can help grow more conscientious consumers through the products we produce.

    Sustainability and global protection are always our consciousness in making products, but 1% for the Planet is also a commitment that we must always strive to protect.


    1% for the Planetとは?

    1% for the Planet Is a global network of companies that take the initiative in environmental protection.

    Participating companies transform their corporate activities and strive to protect the environment, and at the same time, for non-profit environmental groups that are committed to environmental protection activities, regardless of the ups and downs of their own business performance or the increase or decrease in profits, each business We donate 1% of sales every year.

    2021 since 1% for the Planet was founded in 2002 by Yvon Chouinard, founder of global apparel company Patagonia, Inc., and Craig Mathews, founder of Blue Ribbon Flyes. Currently, more than 3,000 companies worldwide participate, and more than US $ 250 million is contributed to support environmental protection organizations.

    Currently, donations to the environment make up only 3% of the total. The 1% for the Planet network has a mission to change this situation and promotes important philanthropic efforts to address the most urgent environmental issues.

    Recognizing it as an issue and making donationsFocus areaThere are six types: climate, food, land, pollution, water, and wildlife, and our members donate to partner non-profit organizations that meet the criteria set by 1% for the Planet.


    Beach Access Softboard Technology

    The EPS foam shaped by AKU Shaper, which has the world's highest level of technology, is double-coated with fiberglass to achieve the highest strength.

    In addition, 4mm thick IXPE foam (or EVA foam) is placed on the deck surface and HDPE skin is placed on the bottom surface on the outside, and a soft surface is created by vacuum bag technology.

    Although the surface is made of soft material, the contents are the same structure as a normal EPS hardboard, so unlike the conventional lightweight softboard, the moderate weight provides a sense of stability and realizes a ride close to that of a hardboard. In other words, it is a board that combines the good points of softboard and hardboard. Since you can ride like a normal hardboard, even experienced people can enjoy it.

    Beach Access Surfソフトボードの構造

    1. 2 stringers (1 for length 6'4 or less)
    2. High density waterproof EPS foam
    3. Epoxy resin coating
    4-5. Further reinforcement with double 6 oz fiberglass and epoxy resin
    6.4 4mm IXPE or EVA soft top
    7. Epoxy resin coating
    8.6 oz fiberglass
    9. Epoxy resin coating
    10. Glossy HDPE bottom

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